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Who are we?


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Johan Van Loggerenberg


co-Owner - photographer


some say im a perfectionist and other say im just really layedback, but the truth is that im a little bit of both.

when it's time to work then i do it to my full potential and when it's time to be relaxed I do that and i do it right.

creativity to me is one of those elements in life that cannot be forced and has to happen in a calm environment.

so when i am working with models of any sort, i make sure that they are 100% calm before i really get into

shooting thus setting up the shots are much easier and gives me the oppertunity to deliver brilliant shots to my





Phone: 0798908807


Email: johan@shutterhousestudio.co.za
User 02

Carl Viloria


Co-owner - Photographer and graphic designer

I Am Carl...

Phone: 0827162968


Email: carl@shutterhousestudio.co.za